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Product/Service Design Practitioners
Bartek Mikosz
Design Director

For 14 years he has been responsible for the industrial design department and all projects within it, including Design Thinking projects.
Manages projects in product and service design for different sectors, including automotive, household goods, consumer electronics, industrial machines, agricultural machines, and others.

Has carried out design projects for companies such as Amica, Zelmer, Romet, Melex, Autosan, Hendi (Netherlands), Farmtrac Europe, Escorts Group (India), Metalfach, Kwazar, Vammas, Novitus, Maxcom, Eckert and many other companies from different sectors. 

Graduated from MA Studies in Management in Marketing at the Faculty of Law and Administration, Adam Mickiewicz University, and postgraduate studies in Design Management.

Adam Gorczyński
Design Project Manager

A graduate of Industrial Design at the University of Arts in Poznań. In Soul & Mind Group responsible for industrial design. His portfolio includes implemented products, strategies and services in the field of consumer electronics, household appliances, HVAC, industrial machines and lighting. He has implemented projects from various industries in cooperation with companies such as Amica, Eckert, Eugenius, Fabryka Pojazdów Szynowych, Fibaro and Nestro. Winner or nominee of such competitions as: Global Grad Show Dubai, Dobry Wzór, CES Las Vegas Innovation Awards and Young Creatives.

Jakub Garstkiewicz
Industrial Designer

A graduate of Industrial Design at the University of Arts in Poznań. An experienced designer with many market implementations in his portfolio, specializing in the automotive, electromobility, lighting and consumer electronics. Co-founder of Hazay Bikes and lecturer at the University of Arts in Poznań. Winner or nominee of such competitions as Dobry Wzór and Young Design.

Strategy Design 
Maciej Zaremba
CEO & Chief Strategy Officer

30 years in the marketing sector. Has co-created brand and communication strategies as well as systems supporting sales and long-term customer relations for many brands from very different sectors such as Monini, Diamant, Eurocash, Weber Saint-Gobain, Koelner, Develey, Johnnie Walker Black Label, West, BALMA furniture producer, Schulstadt, Lech Pils, Hawle and many others.

Has participated in design projects for brands such as Amica, Novitus, MaxCom, and Farmtrac. Has completed many courses, including Oxford Strategic Innovation Program; IDEO U -Unlocking Creativity, Designing Strategy; Designing Business; Insights for Innovation; and holds the following certificates: IDEO U - Foundations in Design Thinking; Business Innovation Certificate, The Interaction Design Foundation - User Experience; Emotional Design. Teaches students at Poznan School of Banking.

prof. Jacek Kall
New Horizons Explorer

Has completed nearly 200 research projects, including WBK, Netia, Śnieżka, Big Star, Fawor, Delecta, Hochland Polska, Rockwool Polska, Winkhaus Polska, Goplana, and Kotlin. Professor at Poznan School of Banking. Author of many books, including Managing Brand Portfolios, Managing Brands, Creating Strong Brands, Product Strategy, and over 80 articles on promotion, advertising, and brands.

Zaremska - Trzaska
Strategic Planner

Her design portfolio, developed in marketing for over two decades, includes various strategic projects. She specializes in building brand strategies, rebranding, and product development using the Design Thinking method and in implementing comprehensive 360° image and sales campaigns using ATL, BTL, and digital tools.
Anita gained her professional experience by working in the marketing structures of various companies and sharing her knowledge as a trainer and academic lecturer. She specializes in formulating brand strategies and their effective communication. During her career, she enjoyed working with brands such as Helios, SGB Bank, Diamant, Żabka, Perla, Jawo, Grafen, Kram, Optima, and Agmar.

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